avk System Information a virtual sputnik to your PC.
"Got a cat? It'll handle that" :)
2012-2022 Alexey V. Khoshenko


You can download the last version of this utility from here (2022-Jan-16, MD5 = DB6C348B536DF25D3AFF1D3245358AB1).

If you're a licensed avkSI user, you may use avkSI.cfg and even your own avkSI.wav (what about Power Glove's Playback?).

Need a CPUID dumps collection? Here it is. You can specify any CPUID dump in the command line, like: avkSI.exe <SomeModel.CPUID>

Need an EDID dumps collection? Here it is. Guess how these can be used?

Got a question or wanna get a license? Please contact me.